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Decorating mobile homes with these few tips

Number one task in home decorating is to clear all the clutter. This applies in mobile homes too. Get rid of unnecessary things that you’ve been holding on to like unused clothing, an old clock, a broken pot and other items. Here’s how to decide, if you haven’t used the item in over a year, discard it. De-cluttering makes a lot of space.

Find corners or places where you can store things away so they are not visible. Some ideas would be behind closet doors, under the table, under the bed and others. When you find a space, don’t throw in your things instead, organize them so it’s out of view and easy to find when you need them.

When that’s done, create an illusion of spaciousness by choosing the right color for your walls and decorating theme. Light and cool colors can help you in this part so avoid opting for rich colors like purple, red or black. You want to make the home feel airy so go for light blue or green and choose fabric for your curtains that will complement the color theme. Decorating mobile homes is all about using effective space-saving solutions and adding the right wall colors and color for the decorations.

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