Tips to find the best curtains for bedroom

Sizes of the windows – Different houses are of different sizes and so the lengths of the windows differ as well. If you live in an old Victorian mansion, then you will have long, huge windows. If however your bedroom is in the attic of a modern house, then you will have very shirt windows. So make sure you take proper measurements and only then go shopping for bedroom window curtains. If you do not do so, you will end up with curtains that are either too long or are too short!

Decor of the room – Next, you have to keep in mind the decor of the room. How does the room look? What is the theme? Is there a color scheme in the bedroom? If yes, then you have to get the curtain accordingly. For example, if you are buying curtains for a red bedroom, you have to choose the drapes in shades of red. If you buy a yellow or a green colored curtain, it will look tremendously mismatched!

Pattern and texture – The bedroom curtains are available in a variety of patterns and textures. You have to decide what material you want. So you like soft, flowing curtains? Or do you like sturdy, crisp curtains? Depending on what your preferences are, you can either opt for linen curtains, silk curtains, and so on. The patterns also vary and you can get curtains in floral prints, in block colors and also in abstract patterns.

Getting it custom made – A very good way to find the most interesting and beautiful curtains for bedroom is to get them custom made. For this, you have to hire a tailor and ask him to stitch the curtains for you. Go to the market and shop for some lovely curtain material. Since you are getting it custom made, you can be flexible with the patterns, the texture and other such details. Once you find the material, look for some cool designs of bedroom curtains either online or in design magazines. Else you can also stick to the traditional designs. Once all that is done, simply as the tailor to take the measurements and stitch the curtain for you.

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