Home Office

Home office design ideas represent you in your business

Comfort is number one in working. Thus, your furniture and office utilities in your home office design ideas should give both efficiently. For computer, set your monitor about 30 inches away from your eyes and keep the top of it below or at eye level. A foot rest under your desk and a comfortable slightly reclined chair can reduce your vertebrae work load and prevent lower back pain. Add a fluffy cushion which gives you comfort on your chair.

Good home office design ideas with spots of greenery in its design will give you relaxation and refreshing value. Doing so is so simple. Add potted plants on your desk or window sill to give you the needed supply of oxygen. If you have beautiful and lush garden outside, do not waste the view. Install one or two windows in your home office from which you can occasionally enjoy whenever you feel that it’s too much already. Pictures or paintings with natural objects can be an alternative if you cannot have windows

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